Where Do Ladybugs Live? Ladybugs Traps

Have you ever wondered why these tiny little red or yellow colored creatures are named as ladybugs? Well, we will talk about ladybugs ahead and why they are named as “lady”. These tiny bugs are found in the garden of our homes.

What Do Ladybugs Look Like?

Ladybugs are very tiny in size. They have a red or yellow colored body with black spots all over the wings. They have a hemispheric body shape that is 0.3-0.4 inch long and tiny legs which help them to crawl.

The color and spots on ladybugs vary according to their species. There is a nine-spotted beetle which actually has 4 black spots on each wing. You are going to find one big spot that spreads equally on both wings in the center.

Why Are Ladybugs Given The Title Of “Lady”?

Are you are still wondering why these cute bugs are called ladybugs? then here’s the reason why they are given the title “Lady”. Even though the title is a lady, both male and female species are referred to by this title. It is named after The Virgin Mary.

The seven-spotted ladybug beetle found in the European region reminds the people of Virgin Mary’s seven sorrows. The German people also refer to them as Mary’s Beetles.

Although we call them ladybugs, they are actually not bugs, but beetles. In other countries, they are even called lady bishop or ladybirds in England and little cows in Russia.

If you are curious to see the beauty of multiple types of ladybugs, then here is a beautiful collage of these beetles of different species:

Where Do Ladybugs Live?

Ladybugs are commonly found in natural green areas, like a forest. They are also present in grassy areas or in agricultural farms. Surprisingly, they are also present in residential areas.

If you want to see a ladybug in real, then you can simply roam around your backyard garden area. Search for brightly colored beetles with black spots on them. They are so tiny that you can hold them on the tip of your finger and observe their beauty.

You will also find these beautiful beetles in watery areas, like a waterfall or stream in a forest. For this, you will have to go on an adventurous hiking trip to explore a ladybug’s natural habitat.

Asian Lady Beetle Vs Ladybug:

ladybug and an Asian lady beetle belong to the same family. This is not just it. They both have a lot of differences besides the appearance of them.

If you look at both of them, you will say that they both are same. If you look closely you will notice that they are actually different from each other.

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The Ladybugs are harmless creatures. They do not bite humans. If they want shelter they do not gather in large numbers. They like to hide in outdoor shelters.

Asian lady beetles are the opposite. They bite human skin and gather in large groups on warm surfaces during summers. They leave a yellow liquid on the skin that has a very bad smell. They also do this when they feel threatened and want to protect themselves.

For shelter, they like to enter indoors. This means they will enter your house to seek warmth during cold weather.

To avoid Asian lady beetles from entering homes, you can hire pest management professionals to wipe them out of the house and keep yourself safe.

If you want to know the physical difference between a ladybug and an Asian lady beetle then here it is:

The right picture is of an Asian lady beetle. It is bigger in size as compared to a ladybug. It is yellow or light red in color and has more black spots than a ladybug.

Asian lady beetle also has a dark black “M” shape on their head. Ladybugs have a completely black head with white marks on each side.

Ladybug Traps:

There are many ways which you can use to trap the ladybugs. The most effective form of trap is the light trap. It is set in dark basements or attics inside your house.

You can also use water, powder or an adhesive. It easily traps the ladybugs in one place. Do you want to trap a ladybug? If you want to get rid of them due to excessive inhabitation inside your house, then you can choose from the following. You can easily set up a trap on your own.

Black Light:

Black lights are easily available at any hardware store. All you need to do is buy one black light bulb. Fix it into one of the holders inside your house. Find a place where ladybugs attract the most.

Insert the black light bulb into a bottle. Cut open and attach a funnel on top of a plastic container. You can find containers in your kitchen. Apply some corn starch or powder around and inside the plastic container. This is going to prevent the Ladybugs from escaping.


You can also set up a glue trap to attract ladybugs. For this, you will need a glue that does not dry out. If you don’t want to use glue, then corn syrup will also be effective. This can be applied on a piece of cardboard or wood to trap the beetles. You can also buy glue traps from a hardware store.

Pest Management Professional (PMP):

If you cannot make a trap for ladybugs on your own, then you will have to contact pest management professional services. You will get guidance from them. They are going to provide you with a prepaid control plan in your hand that you can use for trapping.

If you want a better idea of how to make the above following traps for ladybugs then have a look at this picture:


Now you know the reason why these beetles are titled as ladybugs. They are creatures that like to live in green areas. If you want to trap them make sure you know if they are ladybugs or Asian lady beetles.