What do Moths Eat?

What do Moths Eat?

There is a question about the specific type of insects. What do moths eat? So, I have decided to discuss the answer to this question in details.

I have already discussed other types of insects in details. If you are looking for any other insects then you have to visit previous articles as well.

There can be different types of foods that are favorite for moths. To explore all these foods, you just need to stay with me.

Before discussing what do moths eat, I just want to discuss the history and the identification of these moths. If you know about these moths in details, you will understand their foods easily. So, let me start with the history.


Basically, moths are considered in the group of insects related to butterflies. There are approximately 160000 species of moths are living on the earth.

In the list of species of moths, most of the moths are considered nocturnal but there are also crepuscular and diurnal species exist on the earth.

Before identifying the moths, we just need to differentiate moths and butterflies. If we don’t differentiate both of these insects then it is not possible to identify moths due to the similarities in the shape between moths and butterflies.

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There are a lot of researches on moths and butterflies. After analyzing these researches, I am able to differentiate these insects. We can differentiate them with respect to their families, nature, appearance, color, and size.

Basically, the group of butterflies is monophyletic and the group of moths is Lepidoptera. As I told that there is a lot of research on the differences between moths and butterflies. But there is no research that can differentiate them properly.

So, we should wait for the more researches to differentiate properly. Now, let me discuss the appearance of moths for the purpose of identification.

Identification of Moths

It is possible that you have seen a moth at your house, street, or a park but if you don’t know about them, it is difficult to identify. I am just going to guide you for the identification of these insects.

Are you still with me?

You just need to stay with me for some more time to get an idea about the foods of moths.

There are some simple and easy steps to identify the moths. If you identify them properly, you will be able to save your food from them. So, let me discuss some steps:

  • You just need to check the antennae of both insects. The antennae of moths are saw-edged. On the other hand, the antennae of the butterflies look like a club-shaped. But there is a confusion because the antennae of both insects vary in the length and width.
  • Moths are nocturnal, it means that they walk out from their small houses in the night. So, I suggest that try to find them in the night.
  • There can be another group of moths that can fly out in the day also. So, you just need to identify their body, color and size to identify the specific insect.
  • When the butterflies land after the flying then the wings of butterflies tend to be vertical as compared to the earth but the wings of moths during the landing tend to be parallel to the earth.
  • Basically, the size of moths is smaller as compared to the butterflies so, you just need to focus on the size of these insects to identify them.
  • On the side, the colors of both insects are also different. The color of butterflies is bright as compared to the moths. So, if you find an insect similar to the butterfly in the dark color and smaller size then you have founded the moths.
  • Now, the time to discuss the bodies and shapes of both insects. So, I just want to clarify that the size of butterflies is long in length. On the other side, the size of moths is smaller in length and wide also.
  • In the developing stage of both insects, they cover their selves properly. The covering at the developing stage of moths is silky but the covering of butterflies at the stage of developing is not as silky as the moths. So, you can also identify moths by this property.

I hope you have understood all the procedure to identify the moths. But, the question is still there, what do moths eat? Now, the time has come to identify their food as well. Just stay with me for some more time. I appreciate your patience to find your target.

What do Moths Eat?

This is a popular question so I am just going to address this question in details. I hope you will find the proper and suitable answer to this question.

  • If we talk about the general eat of this insect then we will find that they take liquid to maintain their level of energy and water. So, in the general point of view, we have found that moths eat liquids to live.
  • But this is not the proper answer to the question. I just want to discuss it in details. I hope you will be satisfied after this explanation.
  • Most adults suck the water of flowers to maintain their energy level as well as the water level. On the side, many other moths suck the water from the leaves of trees.
  • They also eat the rotting fruits, birds dropping, or animal dung.
  • The interesting point about moths is that they also the different parts of the plants. So, if you are able to identify the moths then you can find them on your plants at your house or street also. After finding, you can take some steps to prevent them.

I hope you have gotten the target. If there is still any question in your mind, you just need to write a comment below. I will try to discuss your query as soon as possible.

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